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How to Actually Realize your Beautiful Dreams

I have no idea when or where I heard the following story but it makes a great point concerning an aspect of this post.

A grocery store stock clerk is putting a sale sign above a cooler containing shrimp when a customer approaches the worker.

The customer observes the sale sign and is moved to ask:   “Jumbo shrimp? That’s funny.”

The stock clerk with a very quick wit says:   “Yeah it’s kind of an oxymoron, huh?”

The customer’s attitude immediately takes a very negative turn and he says:   “What the hell did you just call me?”

The clerk tries to clarify by saying:   “An oxymoron is an English term, sir.”

The customer is not amused and responds by saying:   “I don’t care if it’s a French term! Nobody insults me and gets away with it!”

The conclusion to the story is not as cute.  wrestling-384652_1920The customer put the clerk in a headlock and held him in it until coworkers arrived to help settle the situation down!

I don’t know if that is a true story but it does clearly provide an example of an oxymoron.  In the story, the oxymoron is the words, jumbo shrimp.  Get it!  ;<)

The following video identifies an oxymoron that can have a direct impact on your understanding of how to achieve your dreams.


What are you going to do to dream on the outside but find motivation to achieve those dreams on the inside?

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