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How to Avoid A Thief Right Around the Clock

There is an iconic movie from the golden age of the Hollywood studios.  Paramount produced it and another icon, Alfred Hitchcock, directed it.

The movie was To Catch a Thief.  It starred Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.  The basic premise of the story in the movie is Grant’s character is a former cat-burglar who has reformed his ways.  However, in the movie he is the prime suspect in some recent thefts on the French Riviera.  Suffice to say, the movie is a fun mystery-thriller-romance.

Unfortunately, in real life the thief discussed in this post is not fun, mysterious, thrilling or something with which you want to have a romance!  It definitely is not a fairytale as told in the movies!

To catch this thief you can’t depend on some movie studio to “produce” a solution—you can’t expect even someone as great as the late Alfred Hitchcock to “direct” you in a solution.alfred-hitchcock-393745_1280

No this thief is much more slippery than the one in the movie!

This thief lurks over you each and every day right around the clock…and, not just when you’re on the French Riviera either!  :<)

It does not have a pretty name like that of the thief in the movie.

Spoiler Alert!!!  The thief’s name was Danielle.

No this thief carries a tool bag of things like:  creating habitual and intentional delay; generating a lazy since of urgency; and a general lack of focus on getting something done that needs to be done.

This thief’s name is Procrastination.  See I told you it wasn’t a pretty name like Danielle!  :<)

Procrastination is a thief of your most valuable source of wealth…efficient and effective use of your time.


Trust me…you will never satisfy your “French Riviera” taste for the finer things in life if you allow the thievery of procrastination to control you 24 hours per day.

Here’s how to avoid the theft.

First, recognize procrastination is a habit.  Like any other habit you can change it.  The key is to define all the viscerally emotional reasons why you want to stop procrastinating.

If you can’t clearly define the important reasons why you want to stop procrastinating then you will not change the habit.  PERIOD!

Changing habits requires finding a passionate reason to change, i.e., your “why.”

Having found your “why” there are some specific techniques you can apply to move toward getting things done on a timely and effective basis.

I believe the most powerful technique for overcoming procrastination is to change your focus concerning the task in question.  Rather than thinking about all the pain you will experience by doing the task change the emphasis to the rewards you will receive by getting the task done.

For example, keeping track of all the information needed to complete your taxes can be a real pain.  So much so that far too many of us procrastinate in compiling the information and when tax time comes we have to scramble to get everything done right and on time.tax-468440_1920

Throughout the year refocus not on the pain of keeping a file with all related tax info…but to how easy it is going to be to complete your tax return because you have all the information readily at hand.

Another reward of efficient management throughout the year of your needed tax information is peace of mind.  Peace of mind that when you do your tax return it will be accurate because you had accurate information to complete it.

Get the idea!  Think reward not the pain around getting something done on an efficient and effective basis.

Time Management TipsAnother technique for avoiding the thievery of procrastination is to make a daily to-do list.  Make sure the things on the list that get the greatest amount of your time are those things that will give you the greatest return on your investment toward achieving your goals.

Oh—another technique directly relates to that to-do list.  Each item on the list has to have a firm “doneline.”  Okay usually people refer to it as a deadline but I think “doneline” has a more positive and encouraging feel to it.

The “bottomline” is you avoid procrastinating on getting things done by committing to a specific, fixed point in time you will complete the task.  Your related sense of urgency drives you toward doing rather than delaying.

Procrastination can be encouraged when you see a particular task as overwhelming.  It’s so big you can’t even think about starting it!

There’s the key to avoiding procrastinating in this situation—STARTING.

So, take a tiny bite out of the big task and start it.  In other words, don’t think about doing the whole task.  Focus on getting a tiny portion started and done then go on to the next tiny piece until the big task is done.

What have we covered in helping you avoid that thief right around the clock known as procrastination?

  1. Find a passionate reason why you need to get a task done.
  2. Change your focus from pain to reward in completing a project.
  3. Work off of a daily to-do list.
  4. Emphasize those items on the list that will get you to your important goals.
  5. Set firm “donelines” for each item on your to-do list.
  6. Work little by little to get a big thing done.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat specifically are you going to do to catch the thief of procrastination in your life?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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