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How to Avoid Being Run Out of Town on a Rail

Have you ever gone through a long period in your life where you were confused about the meaning of a word or a phrase?

I have…and, when I was finally set straight on the correct meaning of a word, etc., I was usually dumbfounded by my ignorance.  All those years I had been misusing a phrase or a word and didn’t even know it!

Funny enough that is exactly the case for this post.  For years I have thought the meaning of the phrase “run out of town on a rail” had something to do with someone being shipped out of town on a train.  The good news it would seem I’m not alone in my confusion.

Now, that we both know what the phrase means (assuming you clicked on the above link and read the short article on the topic ☺), I use the phrase as a metaphor in the following video.

The problem discussed in the video can have devastating impact on you and your progress in life.

garylogonewbrownsmallSo…what actions are you going to take in trying to think more before you speak?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.  

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