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How to Avoid Living Like in the World of “Big Little Lies”

Have you started bingeing on it yet?  It is outstanding and it is an absolute living example of the main point of this blog post.

It’s a story about what looks to be perfect but is actually disastrously imperfect when you dig deeper into the characters.

The story is set in an idyllic location along the California coast.  Actually, the plot unfolds in and around the Monterrey Peninsula.

Money is, generally, not the problem for the main characters of the story.  Housing isn’t either.  Most of the characters live in magnificent cliff-top mansions overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Education, generally, isn’t it either.

So–what is it?

Despite all the superficial trappings of a happy and successful life, the main characters’ lives come crashing down.

They are living many little lies that lead to big consequences.  They are living in the world of HBO’s series, Big Little Lies.

One of the reasons they are living lies is summarized in the following video.

If the characters living the story in the above referenced TV series, lived with emotional intelligence their lives may not have taken such an ugly turn.

Here is an Amazon link to a ground-breaking book that can lead you to avoid living like in the world of “Big Little Lies.”

What is the first thing you are going to do to assure you live with emotional intelligence?

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