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How To Be A Winner

We all want to, don’t we?  Be a winner in life, that is.  The interesting thing to me is that most of us want to be a winner and too many of us seldom are.  If there is only one reason for that, my guess is some people just don’t know how.

Well, here’s one way of defining how to be a winner.  First, and probably foremost, is recognizing exactly what are your special talents.  You have them…we all do.  It’s a matter of taking the time and applying the discipline to take a personal inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.

When you’ve defined those special talents, the next step can be even harder than the first.  This second step in becoming a winner is to work your tail off.  You have to be willing to pay the price to take your basic talents and hone them into high level skills.  Every winner, everywhere has lifted themselves above the flock on the wings of highly developed skills.

Then comes the third and hardest step for most people.  That step is putting your skills to use in pursuing well defined and heart-felt goals.  Without meaningful goals you have no direction and you have little need for your skills.  That’s called being a loser!

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