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How to Be Better and Absolutely Avoid Worse

What do you think the phrase, for better or for worse, means and why is understanding a broader meaning important to you?

Of course, if you are like most of us, when you hear “for better or for worse” you immediately think of its use in traditional wedding vows.

You know how it goes:

“for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.”

Just taking the first four words of the quote—the meaning of them is usually interpreted as those taking the vows promise to stay together whether their life is good or bad.

Quite a commitment when you really think about it!

Adapting that well-worn phrase could be incredibly important to you, if you want to make an important commitment to change some aspect of your life for the better.

Take a look at what I mean.

For 18 more ideas on how to be better and absolutely avoid worse take a look at this “for better” article.

Okay, it’s your action time!  What will you do to avoid worse and constantly get better?

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Mindstate mentor, author, trainer and speaker, Gary Greenfield (@LifeRider) helps organizations with inspirational insight and concise business ideas to help improve mindstate and minimize stress. He believes a mindstate that is positive and stress that is minimized helps people better profit through performance.

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