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How to Improve Your Gamble to Succeed: An Ace in the Hole

What is the unbeatable “ace in the hole” for achieving success?  Consider this…

In the typical deck of cards there are 4 aces.  However, in making the gamble to succeed in life you have only one unbeatable ace in your deck.  In short, you can discard the other 3, if you don’t have this one “in the hole.”

Okay…so, I have established what looks to be a totally inflexible premise for what it takes to succeed in today’s world.  I’m good with that because I know every other supposed requirement (ace) for achieving success won’t get you there without the ace to which I refer.

They will help but they alone will not be a winning hand.

One of the aces in your deck for taking on the gamble of succeeding in life is vision.  You are probably very familiar with the importance of having a vision as to what success is going to look like for you.  But, just in case that is not true…

To paraphrase something I’ve said before about having vision…If you can’t see it, you can’t achieve it.

You can read a myriad of books and articles about how visualizing success before it is a reality can up your game.  It doesn’t make any difference what the pursuit is.  When you visualize a positive outcome usually positive results follow.  Here is just one reinforcing resource regarding that point.

Even with all that said, your challenge is to recognize vision is not your unbeatable “ace in the hole.”

Here’s another ace in your deck:  Ambition.  Clearly you would seem to have to have the ambition (motivation) to want to succeed.  Let’s face it; if you are not motivated to want to succeed, then success will not be yours.

However, even if you have intensely driving reasons to want to succeed without the unbeatable “ace in the hole” your hand is severally weakened.

The third of the 4 aces is execution.

It should be clear that even if you have clarity of vision and driving ambition to succeed, without taking action (executing) you have folded your hand.  You can’t win at playing any card game by folding your hand.

In the gamble of succeeding in life, you have to be willing to take intelligent gambles (execute) to stay in the game.

Sooo…what’s the unbeatable “ace in the hole?”  It is purely and simply your determination.

Yup!  The other 3 aces—vision, ambition and execution—must be in your deck of cards!

The reality is, though, unless all 3 are trumped with your undying determination to succeed, you have a losing hand.

Don’t believe me?  Well, the following historical figures would support my premise.  If you need social proof, I don’t think you can get any better than these people.

Gandhi said:  “A small body of determined spirits fired up by unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”

Winston Churchill said:  “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Your “ace in the hole” for steeling your determination in all pursuits is the passion you feel.  You can’t keep going through the hell of achieving all you want to do, be or have, if you don’t have a passion for it.

You cannot alter the course of your history without passion that creates unbowed determination.

Passionate determination is how you improve your gamble to succeed!  You do that by always having a very powerful answer as to “why” you want to be, do or have something.

Crop of GNCC ShotWhat are you going to do to always maximize your determination?

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