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How to Make Alterations in the Tapestry of Your Life

It’s funny how some things just are in your mind.  You have an idea in your mind’s eye what something is and don’t even question it.

Take tapestries, for instance.  I just thought they were woven rugs that hung on the wall in European castles.

Well, recently I had reason to alter my thinking about tapestries.  What had been a lifelong assumption about them had a hole as big as a cannon ball blown right through it!

Tapestries I learned were born of necessity way back in the middle Ages.  They were originally designed to protect medieval rooms from damp and cold weather.  They also had an artful use to cover austere walls of big castles.  Their utility also was to insulate big rooms into more comfortable quarters.

All this is to say I have had to dramatically change my thinking on the whole subject of tapestries.

So it is for all of us as it relates to our lives, in general.  We can get along for years assuming one thing and then having to totally alter our thinking because of some new information, or whatever.

Ever found yourself in such a circumstance?  In can be unsettling but very necessary to make the alterations in your thinking.

The following video helps you see how to make those alterations so you can make the most of your life.

What mental alterations are you going to make so you can make the tapestry of your life much more beautiful?

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