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How to Move Ahead Rather Than Being Stopped Dead

Look at the above image.  What do you see?  Ya’ know what I see?

The person represented in the image is in a mood of total confusion.  As a result s/he can’t think or act with any clarity.

It’s true for all of us!  Our mood (mindstate) effects how we think and act.  Consequently, our outcomes are always impacted one way or the other.

The image also portrays what I think you can go through when trying to make a decision (or not) about something.  Actually, I find the whole thing perplexing at times.

Why?  Well, many people, maybe you too, agonize through hand-wringing days and sleepless nights of anxiety as they vacillate, hesitate, ruminate, and generally procrastinate when faced with making a decision about something.

They’re in a state of what I call “Stop dead attitude.” They are stopped dead in their tracks and can’t move forward. What a miserable way to live!

There is a major challenge for you, if you are one of those people.

Procrastinating in making a decision is a killer of the limited amount of time you have in this life. Time wasted is lifeblood wasted!

So, what’s the answer?

The fact is a decision is never the right one until you act on it to make it so. Focused actions are the key to overcoming the anxiety of making and/or having made a decision.

Organize your thinking so you can make a decision by listing the pros and cons surrounding whatever you are making a decision about.

Having listed the pros and cons you have a visual perspective of the situation that will allow you to act with more clarity…but you must act.

Make the decision to choose the side of your deliberations that has the longest list. Is it the pros or the cons…PERIOD…end of deliberations!

Then, move on!

Don’t look back until your actions have made the decision the right one and you can use the experience as the basis for one more positive step into your future.

In short, create an attitude of “Move ahead” rather than “Stop dead.”

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat are you going to do to move ahead and make some decision today?

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Crop of GNCC ShotMindstate mentor, author, trainer and speaker, Gary Greenfield (@LifeRider) provides self-employed people inspirational insight and concise business ideas to help improve mindstate and minimize stress. He believes a mindstate that is positive and stress that is minimized helps self-employed people better profit through performance.

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