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How to Overcome Stress and Still See Achieving Your Dreams

Get a high definition picture of this in your mind!

The dream of a lifetime…let’s say international travel to some place on your bucket list…and the pressures of life keep getting in the way.  It’s not that you don’t want to realize the dream!  It’s that you can’t get yourself to a place of mental ease to do so.

The question in your mind is how can you possibly follow your dreams of travel and also deal with the long days of stress at work and home?  The answer:  You can’t if you don’t learn how!

Dealing with stress in your life so you can have a life is a learned skill.  As they say:  “You can do this!”

Frankly, if you don’t learn how to effectively manage your stress, your dream of a long, productive and joyful life is at serious risk.  Stress can quietly kill all of your dreams and you!

Here’s how to overcome stress:  Define; Distribute; Discipline; Do


You begin overcoming stress by defining how you choose to think.  Your goal should be to move your thinking into believing you have the power to manage the stresses in your life.

Nobody else can do this for you.  You own it so fix it.

Every time you feel the stresses of your life rising up to the level of debilitating anxiety…STOP!

Write down:

  • What exactly is happening that is causing the stresses
  • Why these happenings are producing the anxiety you are feeling
  • Define in writing what you are going to do to adjust your thinking to deal with each anxiety producing circumstance


Don’t try to do everything you define in writing all at once.  Rather, breakdown what you are going to do into bite-sized pieces and distribute them over your to-do lists for the next few days.  However, DO set a “doneline” for when you will accomplish all you said you would do during your “Define” step.

Your first priority each day is to get the assigned bite-sized pieces for that day done so you are assured of not creating more stress and anxiety by missing your chosen “doneline.”

Now, it’s important to say here your goal should not be totally eliminating anxiety and stress in your life.  No, the goal is to channel anxiety and stress into productive momentum.  Truth is without some stress in your life you probably wouldn’t be moved to do anything!


Here’s a major challenge for you.  To complete the steps of Define and Distribute requires you to force yourself into a disciplined way of thinking.

Stress and anxiety are born of chaos and confusion.  The only way to begin to settle the chaos and confusion in your life is to discipline your thinking at all times.  No excuses…no exceptions.

Discipline is defined as “a way of behaving that shows a willingness to obey rules or orders.”  So, to accomplish this step in overcoming your stress you have to set your own rules and give yourself the necessary orders.

Doing so empowers you in such a way so you can accomplish the next how-to.


Act on all three of the “how to’s” above and you can DO anything you dream AND with reduced stress and anxiety.

You CAN “have it all” but you have to constantly, define, distribute and discipline yourself to do so.

Crop of GNCC ShotWhat is the first source of stress you are going to begin working on using the above how-to’s?

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