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How to See Improvement in Your Leadership Skills in 5 Minutes

I am a competent music technician.  Notice I didn’t say competent musician.  There’s a big difference!

I define myself as a music technician because enjoying, but even more importantly for me, understanding how music is constructed has been a lifelong interest.

My interest in music, however, does not translate into being a musical genius!  ☺

Technically, I understand how music is constructed; how chords can progress to make music; how to read music; how to play all the major scales and 3 forms of minor scales.

Alas…little of my technical knowledge translates from my brain to my hands and onto the keys on my piano.  The only way I can make music is through disciplined practice of a piece of music over time.

I tell you all this to validate my musical knowledge so I can use (with credibility) a musical term and relate it to you being a great leader.

In the less than 5 minutes it takes you to read this article, I believe your understanding of this musical term, as applied to leadership skills, will give you important knowledge that will help you improve your leadership style.

The consequences of you improving your leadership style/skills are monumental to your potential in life.  If you are a leader who no one will follow, you are a failure.

So…here’s how to fix that and it involves you understanding the following musical term:  enharmonic.

Any musical note that is equivalent to some other note is called an enharmonic equivalent.  The equivalent notes sound exactly the same.  They may be named differently on a sheet of music but their musical tones duplicate each other.

That’s all you need to know to make the connection of the term, enharmonic, to improving your leadership skills.

We could extend your reading time to hours, if I were to choose to discuss all the characteristics it takes to be a great leader.  In fact, I’ve discussed many those characteristics in other posts—here’s one.

However, let’s value your time and make it short but with a high return on your investment.

If you are a great leader, the words listening and hearing become enharmonic.  That is to say…they are spelled differently but they deliver a similar result.

That result happens this way.  Focus yourself on listening to your people twice as much as you talk to or at them.

The enharmonic result will be your people will hear twice as much of what you say.  Your listening translates to the equivalent of their hearing.

In 5 minutes, you can more effectively rally your team around your cause because you listened and they heard with purpose.

If you want to take more time on this subject, here’s a great Forbes article on “Six Ways Effective Listening Can Make You a Better Leader.”

Take 5 more minutes and sketch out your plan for improving your leadership skills through listening more.board-776688_1920

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