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How to See Your Vision through to Success

I recently completed an annual eye exam given by my ophthalmologist.  You won’t believe one of the comments he made to me!

We had completed all the various detailed tests of my eyes from vision acuity to eye pressure readings.  It was a very thorough and well done exam by a doctor in whom I have great confidence.

Toward the end of his verbal observations about my eye sight he said with a degree of surprise: “You see better than I would have expected with those glasses I prescribed you last year.”the-eyepiece-339715_1920

Now—you have to admit—that is worth a chuckle!  I mean if he thought I wouldn’t see well with the prescription he gave me, why bother?

Anyway, I’m sure he meant something more like my vision acuity is stable and the glasses prescribed last year are still adequate.

As I pondered the topic for this article, I was reminded of my doctor’s comment for a very specific reason.  In a metaphoric way, his comment confirms that knowledge is important to realizing success in anything because my ophthalmologist is very knowledgeable and successful.

On the other hand, the comment reinforces that realizing a vision for success is not only supported by having knowledge.

hand-76738_1280Do you want to realize your vision for success?

Then, first, do like my doctor.  Build an incredible foundation of knowledge on which to support your success.

You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t know anything!  Knowing what it is you want and why you want it is fundamental to achieving it.

You have probably read something similar to what I have in that to become an expert in anything requires a minimum dedication of 10,000 hours.

Whether you agree with that specific theory or not is irrelevant because history absolutely supports the fact that realizing any vision of success requires dedicated learning and effort over an extended period of time.

Besides the examples noted in the infographic linked above, consider people like Einstein, Franklin, Edison, Ford or the Wright Brothers.  Their successes came as a result of learning new knowledge from their many failures and applying that knowledge to ultimately succeed.

So…having knowledge clearly is important to realizing any vision for success…but there is more!

Specifically, your physical capabilities can also be a major factor in achieving success.

I don’t necessarily mean you have to be a weight-lifting fool—although that would seem to be a requirement if your vision was to be a world champion weightlifter.     :<)weights-817635_1920

That said, though, your physical well-being would seem extremely important.  If you are not healthy, the related limitations could stop you from achieving all you can be, do or have.

Here is an interesting summary to support my last comment.

Okay!  We’ve said knowledge and health are important factors to realizing your vision for success.  However, neither of those factors make much difference if you don’t integrate one absolutely overriding characteristic.

Let’s go back to the Einstein, Franklin, Edison, Ford or the Wright Brothers I referenced above.

Would you agree they were loaded with knowledge?

question-mark-63979_640Would you agree they managed their health so they could achieve their desired results?

Would you agree each of them had a vision of what they wanted to achieve and ultimately were successful in that regard?

So—if they had knowledge; good health; and a vision—what is the ultimate difference between them and others who not as successful?

I’ll tell you in a word.  Will!

The tie-breaker for two people with the same vision, knowledge and health in regards to their level of success is the will to succeed.

If you lack the will, you lack the potential to realize any vision you may have.  Good old fashioned “grit” is the absolutely overriding characteristic to seeing your vision through to success.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat are the first 3 steps you will take in building your determination to realize your vision for success?

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