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How to Use Potential to Drive Awesome Performance

Katniss Everdeen did not rise to the level of preeminent tribute in the Hunger Games without performing at an awesome level.  After all, she was a 16 year old girl from the very poor District 12 region of the nation of Panem.  She faced unbelievable odds when considering the older and better trained tributes from wealthier districts.


The question is how did she deliver such an awesome performance and become the sole surviving tribute (along with her male counterpart, Peeta)?


The simple answer is she leveraged key elements of her potential.  She took what she had and built on it.  As you may recall, what she had was outstanding hunting skills using a bow and arrow.


Aah…but, Katniss with some help from her mentor, Haymitch, realizes early on she must broaden her knowledge and skills so she can increase her potential.  A performance leading to her survival would absolutely require it.

How about you?  Do you want to understand how to drive awesome performance in your life just like Katniss did in the Hunger Games?

Be like Katniss.  First, define your best attributes and they will serve as the foundation for realizing your potential.

However, just like Katniss you must evolve all during the game of your life.  You grow your potential by constantly broadening your knowledge and skills.

In the final analysis though, your potential drives the height of your performance only if you act on that potential.  Think about it.  If Katniss had not developed and used her potential, she would have ended up dead like all the other tributes in the 74th Hunger Games.

You may not be Katniss but you must follow Katniss’ example if you want to perform at an awesome level during the game of your life.  You, too, can be a hero for all those around you!


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