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How You Achieve Success

b2ap3_thumbnail_shield-417828_1280You may have struggled with it most of your life.  At every turn you may have failed or at least were confused or delayed.  The more you tried and seemed to fail the more frustrated you became.  All of that can be summed up by your absolute sense of making no progress in your life.  There is only one thing to do.

Quit?  No!  Don’t quit!  Quitting leads to certain failure.  You can only succeed by successive failure if you don’t quit.  Success is never achieved in a straight line.  It requires starts and stops but is also requires persistence in not giving up.

You cannot expect success to happen to you because it just came to you.  You have to reach out to it and grab it.  Succeeding is never a passive action.  It requires you to follow a specific path to it.

The mileposts along the path are clear and anyone can interpret them and walk on past them to their individual success.

Milepost 1:  A passionate vision of what you define as success

Milepost 2:  An emotional connection to your passionate vision

Milepost 3:  An action plan that connects your passion and emotion and plots the path to your ultimate success

Milepost 4:  Taking consistent action on each minute detail written into your plan of action

Milepost 5:  Adapting to change as you walk along your path to success so you don’t get detoured along the way…delayed, maybe, but not discouraged and detoured

Milepost 6:  Celebrate your successes, learn from your failures and keep going

Milepost 7:  As they say, success is a journey not a destination.  As you approach achieving your original definition of success raise your vision higher and repeat the above process your entire life.

Your success should not be a struggle if you go to it by following its very clear mileposts.  Start today!



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