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Human Nature…Part II

I ended my last entry by commenting on the importance of trust in having a productive interaction with another person. In this entry, I would like to build on the whole idea of trust.

Trust…now, there’s a wonderful word. The hard thing about trust is…it’s not easy! I mean…think about it. Can we just say, “Trust me!” and people immediately drop their barriers?

Heck we have a pill for everything else. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a pill for trust? We could then say to another person something like: “Here swallow this and trust me!” Doesn’t work like that, does it?

Our challenge, going back to some of the points I made in my last entry on human nature, is “personal push” is an absolute blockage to a productive human interaction because it generally exists only when people don’t trust you. Your first task in establishing any relationship is to minimize “personal push” quickly so trust begins to build.

There are three interdependent methods to reducing “personal push” and thereby, building “purpose pull.” They are: the word; the way; and the picture.

By “the word,” I mean what you say. There is no question the words you use in any conversation impact on your potential for a positive interaction. If you don’t know what to say due to a lack of knowledge about the words in your chosen language or the lack of how to put them together in a coherent fashion, you’re in deep trouble. Trust will be impossible to build.

“The way” refers to how you say what you say. You can have the most organized process of communication ever developed. But, if you can’t deliver the information at the right pace for the other person; in the right tone or volume; and with comfortable body language the communication process will breakdown and trust will be lost.

The final method to increasing “purpose pull” and reducing “personal push” is “the picture.” Here, I’m talking about building trust by reaching the other person through the power of pictures. Said another way, if you’re depending only on the words you use and how you say them to communicate with other people they may be missing over half of your message. Many people have to see what you’re saying as well as hear it. For them, when they see it they feel they can trust it.

Such are the ways of human nature.

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