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Human Nature

Human nature is a weird thing when you really think about it. While we are all very different, we are also very much alike. Does that sound like an oxymoron to you? It seems contradictory to say we are different and alike all in one sentence.

Truth is though, while we are all different, we are very much alike when it comes to interacting with each other. Psychologists would tell us in any human interaction there is always a couple of dynamics at play. One has to do with the personal aspects of the interaction and the other has to do with the impersonal aspects of why the interaction is taking place. What’s the purpose of the conversation, in other words?

I relate to these dynamics of human interaction through what I have copyrighted as the Push/Pull Theory of Human Interaction. The theory suggests we have the push, if you will, of the defensive personal aspects of the interaction possibly hindering getting us to the pull of the purpose for the interaction.

The personal dynamics taking place in any human interaction are focused on the people involved. One example to help explain what I mean, might be a speaker delivering a speech to an audience. The personal dynamics between the speaker and the audience can get in the way of transference of the information the speaker is sharing.

To illustrate further, from the audience’s side of the interaction, they may be more focused on how the speaker is dressed, or the way the speaker walks, or the way the speaker might say things rather than the message being delivered. Focusing on those superficial aspects of the speaker, as a person, may hinder gaining from the message. In other words, if the audience is uncomfortable with the speaker’s dress, walk or manner of speaking it can be a real blockage to the purpose of the presentation. Those personal dynamics sometimes can be so powerful that they give us the feeling we need to push away from the interaction. They overwhelm any feeling of wanting to be pulled into the purpose for the presentation.

The point is the push of uncomfortable personal dynamics is very unproductive because people are focused on the superficial aspects of the relationship. People are pushed away from the more productive pull gained from wanting to learn from the purpose of the interaction. Personal Push will almost inevitably defeat Purpose Pull. People are either pulling together or they are pushing apart. This is true in every human interaction and you can see it demonstrated time and time again throughout human history.

The heart of this issue is trust. Purpose Pull cannot be maximized until people feel a sense of trust in each other. That’s a Big 10-4! Over and out! PERIOD! Trust is what keeps the heart of every productive and positive human interaction beating. That’s human nature for you.

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