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Hunger Strike

It’s not what you think it is as it relates to the above title.  My focus is on your success and a key to making it your reality.  It’s simple yet hard to do.  But, if it were easy, everybody would be raving successes and that is just not the case.  So, why?

Read every book on personal development and the related concept of achieving success in everything you want to be, do and have; and you will find many consistent threads.  The core fiber of each thread though always is the same.  The words used to describe that core fiber might vary but the ultimate message is the same.  That message?

If you are hungry for success, there’s hope that it will strike you.  Not like a lightening bolt, mind you.  More like the progression of a tidal wave from far off shore.  A tidal wave begins from a single cause and builds from that cause until it crashes to shore with devastating power.  Your success begins with a small decision and with each succeeding decision momentum grows.  Finally, your success comes crashing to shore with the same awesome power.

Want that to happen?   Find your passion that creates an insatiable hunger to MAKE success strike you.

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