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I Believe

What do you believe?  Whatever you believe is the source for all that you are and can become.

Now, think about that before you blow this whole thing off.  To help, let me wrap another way of making the point around this gift of perspective.  Your are what you believe.  You become what you believe.

If you believe long enough and strong enough, your belief becomes your reality.  Positive beliefs get positive outcomes.  Negative beliefs get negative outcomes.  If you believe you want to change your circumstances in life in some way, then believe that you can and you will.  Believe that you can’t and you won’t.

Is that so hard to understand?  The problem is too many people don’t believe it.  They think their situation is out of their control because they were dealt a lousy hand in life.  Don’t you believe it!  There’s an old saying:  “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  That is as true in a card game as it is in the game of life.

I believe it whether you believe it or not!

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