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I Dare You

Don’t mean to be confrontational.  That’s really never my purpose in these posts.  Rather, my purpose is always to inspire you to do something that will make your life better is some way.  Yes, on occasion my desire to inspire comes from a tone that might be a little edgy but, get over it.  Take what’s offered in the spirit it’s intended and move on with, hopefully, a higher level of inspiration.

I love the word, inspiration.  It just exudes the potential of so much more.  Your life is bursting with just such potential.  One key to realizing your full potential can be found in your drive to be inspired.  For clarity in understanding that last sentence, one definition of inspiration is:  “the process of being filled with a feeling or with the urge to do something.”  In other words, the more you are engaged in the process of being filled with a feeling or with the urge to do something the more of your potential you will realize.  Sounds inspiring to me!

Here’s the problem, though.  Too many people allow their fear of failure to dampen their drive to be inspired.  They don’t want to suffer the disappointment of failure in not reaching that which they were inspired to want to achieve.  Your potential is in direct proportion to your courage in facing and overcoming failure.  The only way you can truly know that you are progressing toward your true potential is by overcoming multiple failures along the way.

To put this all in perspective.  Some would agree that one of the most inspirational Americans was Robert F. Kennedy.  He had a way of putting a turn to a phrase that grabbed people at their very souls and moved them.  Here’s one example that directly relates to the topic of this post.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”  Come on!  I dare you!

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