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I Dare You!

Well, that got your attention!  Nothing like a challenge to awaken the competitive spirit and fire up the juices.  Hopefully, what I have to say will be taken in the form of you taking positive action rather than just negative reaction to the challenge.  My goal is to move you…not to abuse you.

The fact is, though, if you are going to achieve the success you desire, I dare you to achieve it without giving consideration to the following points.  I dare say success only comes to those who:


    • Overcome your tendency to wish for things.  Instead, create the drive to reach your dreams.


    • A deep drive to succeed is born of your passion…no passion…no push.


    • Therefore, find your passion and let it lead you to your purpose.


    • Build a detailed plan for achieving your purpose.


    • Follow your plan for achieving your purpose with passion and keep driving.


    • Don’t stop.  Success never happens when you stop.  It only happens because you go.


  • Keep your passion and purpose but revise your plans as need be.

I dare you to succeed without doing all those things consistently.  In fact, I double dare you!

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