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I Have An Idea!

I’m sure you can recall saying that when you were a kid.  It probably happened something like this.  You’re playing with your group of friends and you’re getting a little bored.  So, to change the situation you say, I have an idea!

b2ap3_thumbnail_00441047The ideal response from your friends was to stop the current format of play and listen to you.  You make your proposal for a new activity and, ideally, everyone follows your lead.

The result…immediate and renewed enthusiasm on your part and, hopefully, your friends.  You all launch yourselves into the new format of play and all is well.  That is until you or one of your friends begin to get bored and say:  I have an idea!

So, what’s the point now that you’re an adult.  Well, the bottom-line is you will not become all you can be, if you don’t maintain all the enthusiasm for life that you can.  Enthusiasm is born of passion.  Passion drives motivation.  Motivation moves you to take action.  Your actions drive success in all that you do.

Here’s one thing you can do to continually assure your enthusiasm for life.  Everyday find something either, spiritually, family, physical health or professionally related that makes you think, “I have an idea!”  Take that idea and develop an action plan to implement it as quickly as you can.

When you have an idea to act on, you have hope for a dynamic life filled with enthusiasm!

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