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“I See You”

In the currently popular movie, Avatar, there’s a key line repeated several times throughout the movie.  The line stated several times by the two key characters is:  “I see you.”  My point is there is power in that line when thinking about how others see you.

Our own perception of how others see us can many times be totally incorrect.  We have this warped sense of ourselves and our impact on other people.  Such an incorrect sense of our impact is born of our ego and wanting to feel positive about ourselves and our ability to interact effectively with other people.

If you want your perception to track closely with others’ perception of you as a person, then adapt that line from Avatar as your guiding principle.  The adaptation is to realize people see you through your heart.  They react to you based on what they perceive is in your heart regarding your motives.  Your perception of how you impact others will only be as correct and clear as the congruency of your outward actions and your heartfelt intent.

Remember, “I see you” through your heart.

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