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If but not for…

Your life would be so much better if but not for…

Thinking you would rather roll-over than roll-out to avoid becoming exercise stout.
Believing life owes you rather than you buy it through being willing to try it.
Loving the couch more than exercise…ouch!!
Spending time on a tanning bed rather than outdoors getting red.
Staying cooped-up in the dark rather than hiking and listening for the sounds of a lark.
Watching all kinds of television junk rather than getting adequate sleep in your bunk.
Not breaking a sweat and forcing more air into your two lung set!
Eating like a horse rather than a balanced diet, of course!
Playing a video game a ton while not getting enough sun.
Eating more bacon rather than making sure your vegetables are taken.
Being up all night rather than six to eight hours of sleeping tight.

Adequate sleep…exercise…balanced diet…fresh air…sun…I could keep going on and on if but not for the fact that I’ve made my point.

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