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If Life Was Not Hard Success Would Be Easy

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900432764It is an interesting fact of life…it can be very challenging.  Talk about a flash of the brilliantly obvious!  However, sometimes we need such a flash to wake us up to reality and push us into action.  Yes, you too!

Here you are striving desperately trying to succeed in your life and everybody and everything seems to be against you.  Well, join the club!  Per Mark Twain that is the way it is supposed to be:  “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing.  It was here first.”

It all comes down to the contrast between two concepts:  hard and easy.  Let’s consider that contrast to make my point that should be of benefit to you.

When you think about life and the concept of it being hard one of the first things that comes to mind is it can be difficult to bear or even endure.  At times it can feel harsh, severe and offensive in its effects on you.  In a word, life can be brutal.  Wouldn’t it be great if it were easy?

Consider this…if life were easy it would be not hard to do.  Again, another flash of the brilliantly obvious but think about it.  If life required little effort, thought, or reflection and basically was free of any pain, trouble or worry, it might seem to be easy.  On the other hand, such an existence would be very hard to deal with because of the absolute boredom it would create.

Boredom is usually not synonymous with success.  How can success be even remotely related to a state where you are weary and restless through lack of interest.  I contend you can’t feel the effects of success…the achieving of the correct or desired result in an attempt at something…and suffer a lack of interest.  Yes, the making of the attempt can bring with it worry and pain, etc., but, feeling those things in no way can fill you with a restless lack of interest.  In fact, it is those very feelings that make you feel alive!

Conclusion:  success can’t be easy because everything that goes into it is hard.  It is that fact that makes your attempt at it all the more worthwhile.

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