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If You Are Awake You Can Be Great

b2ap3_thumbnail_00447799Wake up, sleepy head!  Every day is your new day to make things happen that you want to happen.  However, you can’t sleep through it.  Nothing can happen when you’re unconscious to daily opportunity.  You sleep, on average, one-third of your life for a very well-designed reason.  It allows you to have twice your sleep time to consciously make things happen at this time!

The start of all opportunity each day is the attitude you take at the moment you awake.  If you believe the new day is the first day in a bright new future, the day will be rife with great opportunities.  Conversely, an attitudinal dark start to a new day will inevitably lead to gray and cloudy results.  You will rain on your parade before you even begin the march!

If you want to be great, one of the best practices you can enact is the use of positive affirmations.  They are statements which affirm something to be true.  The well-grounded theory for using positive affirmations is if you repeat them frequently and consistently enough, even if a particular affirmation was once untrue it will ultimately become true.  No, this isn’t mumbo jumbo!  Your brain believes what you tell it so tell it what you want it to do.   The science is very clear and definite on this fact so don’t even think about arguing about it.  If you want to argue the point, then just go back to sleep!

So, if you want to be great at the moment you awake and each moment after that then start practicing the use of positive affirmations.  Let me help you affirm why and how you should do that.  Go to this link for pages and pages of free information on the topic.  I hereby affirm it will be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself!

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