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If You Do Not Know What You Are Doing You Cannot Even Do that Well

b2ap3_thumbnail_00399135When you know you don’t know then what makes you think you can do anything well?  I mean…it doesn’t take a genius to recognize if you are going to be successful at any task you must know what the task is.  You also need to know how to practice the skills necessary to perform the task.  Still people every day try to shortcut their way to the completion of a task even though they don’t understand it.

Reaching the pinnacle of your potential will not come through taking short cuts.  You have to recognize upfront there are three keys to be successful at anything.  That’s three keys…not two…not one…but three!  You must practice all three on a consistent basis.

The first key is clearly understanding what the task is.  In other words you must know the ins and outs of what it is you’re trying to accomplish.  The knowledge required includes the specifics of what is to be accomplished.  You must know how you are going to be able to measure your progress toward the task’s completion.  You must have some sense of the time frame in which you want to complete the task.  I think the most important piece of knowledge you must have about a particular task is why you want to complete it.  If you do not have an emotional connection to wanting to achieve the desired result you will not complete the task to the best of your ability, if you complete it at all.

When you have specific knowledge of the task to be completed, the next key is knowing and understanding the necessary skills to get the job done.  It’s one thing to know what to do.  It is totally another thing to know how to do it.  Knowledge is the “what” of any task.  Skills are the “how” to do any task.  So, you must hone the necessary skills to complete the task in question.

The final key to the successful completion of any task is putting forth the effort.  If you know “what” to do and you understand “how” to do it but don’t apply both of the keys you will fail.  Nothing ever gets done when action is not taken.

Knowledge, skills, effort…the three keys to knowingly doing anything well.

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