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If You Had It All

Sounds like a wonderful idea when you first think about it.  Having it all sounds so full of peace of mind and a general state of well-being.  I question that, however.

Let’s take a look at what you might miss if you had it all.  Consider the fact that with having it all you may forget the joy of the ride to get there.  In other words, your life isn’t about the destination of having it all.  It is about the wonderful experiences of the journey while getting there.

Consider some questions to make my point:

Would you value good quality food as much, if you didn’t from time to time experience a bad meal?

How about your good health?  Without getting sick once in a while, you wouldn’t know how good it truly feels to be in good health.

Then, there’s the situation of the current economic times.  All of us can look back on the good times and look forward to the next upturn with appreciation because we are in such economic pain right now.

If there weren’t up and down cycles in every aspect of life, it would be flat.  Does flat really sound that exciting to you?

How interesting would it be if you never had any challenges in your life?  Where would you find true meaning to your struggle without having met life’s challenges head on and overcome them?

If you had it all, how would you know, if you hadn’t gone through the experience of having something less?

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