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If You Have Not Forgiven You Cannot Forget

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900321209Here’s the problem with the concept of time as I see it.  It is not as it seems.  It’s vague.   We might think time has a clear shape or form to it but it doesn’t.  Yes, we may define time as the past, present or future.  However, the only aspect of time that is real is the present.  You can’t define time in the future because it hasn’t come yet and maybe never will.  The past is time that has expired and while it may be referenced in terms of experiences that occurred there is no way to turn back the clock and live those experiences once again.

The time of greatest value to you is this moment!  It is the only time you can define and it is the only time that you can do something about.  There are two things you must do to get the greatest value out of your present time.

  1.  Don’t dwell in the past
  2.  Don’t live for the future

One of the major reasons people will dwell on their past is because of someone or something they have not forgiven.  To put more clarity to what I am saying, you have not forgiven some action or someone as long as you hang on to some degree of anger or resentment.  As I said earlier, the past is time that has expired and can’t be relived.  With lingering resentment or anger you are trying to do the impossible and relive the past.  Any of your present time spent on that effort is wasted and devaluing what you can control and accomplish now.  Forgive so you can forget!

Trying to fast-forward time by focusing too much on the future is just as wasteful.  The only way you can have some modicum of control over your future is to give your best effort in the present.  Don’t dwell on your future!  Take care of the present and your future will take care of itself.  Putting that differently, forget the future so you can do the things now that will assure you don’t do something you will have to forgive later.

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