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If You Never Quit You Always Succeed

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900289200Remember that wonderful story from your childhood, The Little Engine that Could?  Remember the challenges that little blue engine experienced while emphatically saying:  “I think I can!  I think I can!

Or, how about this one?  “Houston, we’ve had a problem here.”  Those were the words said by astronaut, Jack Swigert; upon the realization the Apollo 13 space craft had experienced a major explosion on its way to the moon.

In either case, little blue engine or an Apollo spacecraft, if the challenges weren’t met with the will to overcome them, potential success would turn into absolute failure.  Well, your life may not be a fairytale or as dramatic as a troubled moonshot but the implications are the same.  If you quit, failure becomes absolute, permanent and emotionally debilitating.  Success becomes impossible!

On the other hand, success is always possible when the will to strive for it remains.  Failure is the result of a lack of will.  Success is the result of the commitment to overcome repeated failures.  The Little Engine that could ultimately succeeded because of a will to do so.  The ground team and flight crew of Apollo 13 ultimately succeeded because of their will to do so.  Fairytale or real life…don’t quit and you always succeed.

Think in terms of a philosophy of the United States Marine Corp:  Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.  In other words as you face the realities of your life don’t be swayed by those realities.  Learn to improvise as you are confronted by them.  When you improvise you are creating from what is available at the time.  Adapt your approach to whatever the related challenges are.  When you adapt you become adjusted to new conditions.  Then, act with determination and overcome the challenges.   To overcome means to prevail.

In short, don’t quit!

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