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If You Truly Desire All the Rest Always Do Your Absolute Best

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900443954There’s a great old standard song originally sang by the late Peggy Lee.  The song’s title, Is That All There Is, conveys the essence of the message in the lyrics.  If you look positively at the message, you would see it to be a message of hope.  While the title sounds somewhat cynical in tone, the overriding story in the song is more about nothing is as bad as it might first seem.

On the other hand, if you arrive at the end of your life without having given it your absolute best effort, you may be compelled to say, “Is that all there is to life?”  What a tragedy to have arrived at a point in your life where you can’t do anything but feel such disappointment.  There is only one way to avoid such a situation.  “Have a ball” by doing it all!  I put parenthesis around the first phrase of the previous sentence because that is a key phrase in the lyrics of Peggy’s song.

My point being, the best way to get everything out of your life you possibly can you must enjoy what you are doing.  “Have a ball” in other words!  The only way you can enjoy all aspects of your life is to be doing your absolute best at everything all the time.  Wanting all that life has to offer you can’t be a sometime thing.  Life’s total rewards only come through your total and best effort.

Giving your absolute best effort requires you to do a few things.  Find your passion.  When you find your passion you have found your purpose.  Your purpose defines your potential.  Knowing your potential you have the information to build your plan for realizing that potential.  All the foregoing give you direction and drive to take the necessary actions.

Following the above process will allow you at the end of your life to say:  “Yes, I got all there is!”  By the way, here’s a YouTube link to Peggy Lee performing one of her signature songs, “Is That All There Is.”

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