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If You Want to Gallop to Your Goals You Have to Ride the Steed of Emotion

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0201323There’s no doubt about it!  One of the most difficult things to do in a successful life is to set and achieve good goals.  For many people it seems almost impossible.  Let’s take out the impossible and put in some possible to the whole topic.


Realizing possibilities is always possessed with passion.  In other words, great achievements are the result of a determined pursuit over time.  However, that can only happen because there was deep emotion driving the effort.

Think about it this way.  Anyone who has ridden a horse for any length of time has learned two things very quickly.  First, when departing the barn the horse may be somewhat reluctant and not necessarily wanting to leave the comfort of home, so to speak.  Secondly, when the horse senses the turn back home there is a perkiness that shivers through the horse’s body.  The emotion of the moment drives it to begin to prance and chomp at the bit trying to increase the speed of the trek home to a gallop, if not held back by the rider.  What’s the difference between going out of the barn and coming back…emotions pure and simple.

The connection for you is the pace and dedication of your pursuit of goals is directly relative to the depth of your emotions.  No goal is a good goal if you don’t have a deep, abiding emotional connection to it.  When setting goals the first thing you need to do is test your emotional connection to it.  If you don’t feel a literally visceral reaction to the possibility of achieving a particular goal, forget it.  You will not achieve it.

There’s the art to setting and achieving good goals.  Perfect the art and the science of achieving goals becomes easy.  It’s like turning your steed toward home and letting it go!

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