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If You Want to Progress Do Not Pass

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900442210_20140604-153007_1You’re flying down the interstate highway somewhere with not a care in the world.  Furthermore, you are making incredible time and progress toward getting to your destination.  Things couldn’t be better!  As you’re roaring along, way down the highway you see what looks like a speck in the road it’s so far off.  You continue to roll along and the speck continues to grow and then you realize what the speck is.  It is two big, long-haul trucks side by side in the road ahead of you.  You realize you can’t go through them, around them or over them.  You’re stuck behind them and can’t progress at the speed you wish!  If you’re going to get back up to your desired speed, you will definitely have to pass both of them and the sooner the better.  Finally the truck driver in the left lane takes pity on you and drops back behind the other truck so you can pass.  You make the pass and continue to progress at your desired speed.

The above is not an unrealistic scenario, is it?  In fact, I’ll bet it has happened to you more than once!  If you’re like me when you’re finally free to get back up to speed the feeling of relief and freedom is almost overwhelming.  All the previous frustration dissipates when you push down that accelerator and pass those trucks like they were standing still.  Aaah…the unbridled feeling of progress uninterrupted by roadblocks!

Okay, in the above scenario it makes all the sense to have to pass to make progress.  In your pursuit of success, passing roadblocks between you and your ultimate goal is also necessary.  The big mistake too many people make as they try to progress down the road to success is the tendency to pass important mileposts without checking them.  Any good road to success will by lined with appropriate mileposts you establish that help you determine if you are still on the right path.  You establish these mileposts as you are building your plan for the trip.

If you want to make progress on your road to success and reach your destination, do not just pass each of the mileposts you established.  Rather, confirm what each milepost tells you about your intent, direction and progress toward success.  After all, other people will have put up mileposts on the same road to their success but their mileposts may not be relevant to you and you making good progress.

Mileposts are meant to identify the progress you are making toward your destination.  Use them…then pass them…in doing so your progress to a successful conclusion to your trip will be assured.

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