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If You Were Absolutely Imprisoned What Would You Do?

We are currently bingeing on a Netflix offering called American Odyssey.  The title sounds like the series may be something covering some aspect of American history.  Trust me…it’s not!

A quick synopsis…the story is about an American military person who is struggling to return home safely from a military action in a far off land.  She is on her own because the rest of her military team involved in this particular action were killed in action.

She is on her own in the middle of the Mali desert in North Africa and is captured by the bad guys.  They throw her in a dungeon-like hole in the ground with a locked grate to keep her imprisoned.

At first she screams at her adversaries to let her out.  If you’re at all claustrophobic, this is a horrible scene of terror.

All of her screaming and violently thrashing around in this prison is to no avail.

It is not until she settles down and starts to think rationally that things begin to turn around.  She doesn’t have a key to the lock on the grate that keeps her from escaping from this hell hole but she knows she somehow must get ahold of one.

She starts taking rational and positive action to make that happen.

This story serves as an effective metaphor for exactly what you have to do in breaking the lock on whatever is imprisoning you.  The following video shares an idea of how you can do that.

Oh, yes…the stranded American does figure a way to unlock her prison.  She is currently in an odyssey dealing with all kinds of intrigue in an effort to get home safely.  That’s all I can tell you at this point because our bingeing continues.

garylogonewbrownsmallWhat are you going to do to unlock whatever is imprisoning you from achieving all you can be, do, or have?

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