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If Your Attitude Does Not Work You Need to Work

b2ap3_thumbnail_cherry-144048_1280Ever hear this statement: “Life is a bowl of Cherries”?  Interestingly, the best answer to the statement’s origin is it comes from a song written in the early 30’s.  Ethel Merman sang it in Scandals.  The message of the song has everything to do with one’s attitude about life.

Well, I’ll save you from all the lyrics you can Google those but here is your reality as it relates to the essence of the song’s message.  An attitude that is out of kilter leads to a life of disarray and disappointment.  In my opinion, if your attitude falls on the negative side of things it is “out of kilter.”

By its very definition negative cannot help you deal with your challenges in positive ways.  The definition?   Well, to paraphrase, you have a negative bent when marked by denial; prohibition; refusal; removal of something positive; lacking positive qualities; or, marked by features of hostility, withdrawal, and pessimism.  If any of those characteristics predominate in you, then you have to get to work.

By work I mean you must change how you are thinking.  You cannot function to your highest level if your attitude is at its lowest level.  All of your outcomes in life can be directly related to the input from your attitude.  Work on fixing your attitude and your life can work at levels you may never have dreamed.

  • Do these things to get to work on changing your negative attitude.
  • Determine why it is important for you to work on becoming more positive.
  • Make the decision.
  • Build a simple step-by-step plan for acting on your decision.
  • Focus on one idea in your plan…don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all at once!
  • Take action every day until you have fully implemented each idea.
  •  Reinforce your commitment by watching inspirational videos on youtube.
  •  Expect challenges as you work but don’t give up.  As long as you positively try you will make positive progress.


Yes, “life is a bowl of cherries” but only if you take positive action and eat the fruit.


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