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If Your Life is not an Adventure You Will Miss the Boat to Opportunity

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0443596_20140202-172313_1Okay so taking risk and getting out of your comfort zone is not your thing.  You would rather be safe in the familiar rather than fear the unknown.  I would submit to you that life was never designed for you to live in your comfort zone.  It was designed for you to experience all it offers!  You can’t do that from your comfort zone!

Because of the absolute unknowns in life it will always be an adventurous experience.  Those that gain the most from it are those that see opportunity in life’s unexpected events and take advantage of those opportunities.  They relish the dynamism of reacting to change in a positive and powerful way. 

By its very nature opportunity will always portend change.  Opportunity is always a fork in the road that is defined by favorable circumstance.  It is always a chance for you to move forward…to progress in your life!  Conversely, opportunity is dramatically narrowed when only searched for in one’s comfort zone.  Opportunity and comfort zone make up a classic oxymoron!  The boat to opportunity is always headed away from your comfort zone beach.

Your comfort zone is a mindset.  Start changing your mindset in tiny steps toward being more adventurous in life.  Dip your toe in the water of opportunity and then pull yourself onto your boat and slowly row into the deeper depths of change in your life.  Your new adventure will take you to shores of opportunity you never imagined and when the sunset of your life comes it will be brilliant against the horizon of a life well lived.

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