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Ignorance As a Strength

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0390083Now, that title seems like a clear illustration of an oxymoron.  I mean how could ignorance be a strength?  Well, in the traditional sense of the word, it probably isn’t.  However, in the sense of developing a deeper understanding of something or someone else it definitely has a huge amount of potential.

Here’s why.  Too often when we don’t understand another person or a concept we immediately jump to conclusions based upon our known frame of reference.  If ever there were an ignorant action, it is jumping to conclusions about anything of which or whom we have little understanding.

Knowledge is the foundation for success at any pursuit.  Certainly, broader knowledge is the key to understanding another person’s position on things, etc.  With understanding comes a new perspective on how to adapt going forward.  Life is best lived with an ability to adapt appropriately as things and our understanding change.  But, adapting without understanding is folly.

The most effective way to develop understanding of anyone or anything is to assume ignorance and start asking questions.

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