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b2ap3_thumbnail_j0400180_20130402-133527_1I’m ignorant of any logic as to why I couldn’t come up with a more comprehensive title.  In other words, I am devoid of any knowledge or information that would help me change the title of this post.  That said, I’ll get over it and move on to my real point.

How to use the word, ignorance…let me count the ways.


  1. As used in the above paragraph
  2. Used in an informal sense one could say:He’s ignorant in his ways.  In other words, referring to the ways of another person would suggest the person to be not polite or rude.
  3. Looking at the word’s Latin origin, ignorare, one could say:He did not know what he was doing.  “Not know” being the translation of the Latin, ignorare.
  4. You could be in a state of ignorance about the presence of another person in the conversation, etc.
  5. You could be in a state of ignorance as to the facts of a particular situation.


Frankly, I’m ignorant of any other ways you could use the word, at least personally.  On the other hand, a person much brighter than myself, Confucius, had his own opinion about the use of the word.  It is his use that is the ultimate point of this post for your benefit.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

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