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Life can deliver some cruel blows to any of us.  It’s never easy but that doesn’t mean we have to totally give into life’s challenges.

Take, for instance, the idea of being all you can be.  Or, another way of putting that is challenging yourself to achieve all that you want to be, do or have.  It’s a great thought and one we should set our sights on in our lives.

But, then, there’s the reality of life for some of us no matter how hard we try.  If you can’t afford to do what’s necessary to achieve all that you want to be, do or have, still discipline yourself to do all the things necessary to achieve what you can’t do without.

We can’t always be all things to ourselves let alone all things to all people.  Recognize that if you give it your best shot and the best you can do is achieve what you can’t do without, that’s okay.  You’re at an impasse, an inescapable predicament, that is not of your making.

There should be a certain peace of mind in that kind of legitimate impasse.

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