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In A Heartbeat

Sounds quick, doesn’t it.  Let’s face it.  A heartbeat does happen very quickly.  Depending on your heart’s conditioning, one beat or a little more per second.  Let’s say for purposes of our discussion that your heart rate is one beat per second.

If that were the case, then that adds up to 60 heartbeats per minute.  In a twenty-four hour period, that equals 86,400 beats of your heart.  The natural extension of our analysis takes us to the mathematical conclusion that in 365 days your heart beats 31,536,000 times.

Let’s say you live to the ripe old age of 80.  A life span of that length translates into 2,522,880,000 beats of the old ticker!  Yikes!  And, yet, there are no guarantees that your heart will take its next beat.  Regardless, if it’s the next heartbeat or a ripe old, unknown age, there is a finite number of times your heart will beat.

Why would you waste even one of them?  In a heartbeat, your opportunities in this life could be gone forever!

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