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Inside Out

I’ve come to the conclusion that the pursuit of achieving all we can be in life comes down to two words: Inside…Out. I think too often we spend all of our time looking from the outside in toward what we may want. It could be looking from the outside into the windows of some store where we want to buy something. It could be standing outside of a church looking inside and wondering whether we deserve to go in. It could be standing on the outside of our lives, figuratively speaking, and looking in.

My opinion is by taking the above view of things, we can potentially turn ourselves inside out in torturing frustration, anxiety and a general sense of ongoing upheaval. We spend our lives constantly searching from the outside trying to achieve peace and a sense of accomplishment to our inside (soul, spirit…whatever you want to call it).

I say reverse the view. Recognize that a sense of inner peace and accomplishment literally does start from the inside. It is those things we want in our lives to achieve that peace and sense of accomplishment that will drive us to do the “outside” things necessary to obtain them. In short, all results are born from the inside and demonstrated or manifested on the outside.

Whatever it is you truly want in life go inside to find your passion for achieving it. Doing that will allow you to accomplish it on the outside. You’ll find the view from “inside out” creates a much more appealing set of life circumstances.

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