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Inspire Your Year

Here we are at the beginning of another launch of a new year in each of our lives.  What do you think it’s going to be like?  How do you think it will turn out for you?  Will you live up to your New Years Resolutions?  At the end of the year will you look back at a year when you achieved your goals?  Will the year be all that you hoped it would be?

Well, who knows at this point?  The only certainty is this:  Your answers to the above questions will directly relate to whether you sustained an inspired approach to everything you do in this new year.  You can’t hope for a positive experience this year.  You have to be inspired to do all the things necessary to create a year of great success and fulfillment.

So, how do you do that?  How do you inspire yourself throughout the year?  First, you have to believe in yourself.  To do that simply recognize that you are unique in all this world.  There is nobody else like you.  That alone should give you the inspiration to recognize your value as a human being and, therefore, a belief in who you are and that you are good for something.

That said, it is the “something” that now becomes important.  Each “something” related to your ultimate answers to the above questions has to inspire you.  It has to touch you at the core of your soul.  In short, you must be emotionally and powerfully attached to each “something” so you are driven to do what it takes.

That…and only that…will help you to inspire your year.

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