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Invest Before You Rest

b2ap3_thumbnail_graph-163509_1280Too many people when they think about the word invest, immediately have their minds go to the financial implications of the word.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing because we should all be investing “a little something” to insure a financially secure future.  Most of us seem to know that instinctively.  Then, why doesn’t that mindset translate over to other aspects of our lives?

If investing financially makes sense for a bright future, it should translate that investing “a little something” in other aspects of our lives would be a good thing to do.  Yet, too many of us don’t.  We seem to think something is owed to us rather than we have to invest to get that something…whatever it is.

Take weight loss as an example.  Ever wonder why there are many, many advertising minutes in every day on your television about weight loss programs?  The consistent message in all of these ads is getting something for nothing.  They make it look and sound so easy…and, the magnificent results when you lose the 50 pounds!  Well, who wouldn’t?  Right?  That’s why there are all those ads!

Here’s the problem.  You invested in excessive eating and didn’t invest in a balancing amount of exercise and the result was you got fat!  So, why would you think you can lose weight without some kind of investment?

There is a price for everything in your life.  It’s called investing your time and your energy.  Without that investment those things you want in your life will never happen.

Look…there will be plenty of time to rest.  It’s called the permanent condition known as death.  Death and investment to improve things is an oxymoron.  Yes, one is absolutely permanent and the other needs to be.  However, you can only invest to change things while you’re alive!

Invest in your life!  Make it happen!  Just do it!  Make a big investment every day in these aspects of your life:  family and relationships; career or business; spiritual connection; exercise for physical and mental health; enjoyment of an avocation or hobby.

Oh! Yeah.  Maybe you should invest in a little sleep to keep your energy up, as well.  But, that should come after you invest in all the rest!


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