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b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900401408It sounds so permanent…so gone forever…doesn’t it?  And, as I understand the word, whatever “it” is…is gone…permanently.  The “it” can be a family heirloom misstakenly sold at auction; a favorite watch that somehow disappeared; a relationship that somehow has gone bad; whatever.  When something is irretrievable it is gone forever!  It will never return!  Sayonara, as they say!

So, if “it” is something you don’t want to lose permanently then doesn’t it make sense to do everything humanly possible to avoid such a loss?  Here’s the challenge for far too many of us.  We viscerally feel the irretrievable loss of something material or of a loved one.  Such losses create a pain in our heart sometimes that feels like it will never go away.  It’s excruciating and, if we can, we will do everything possible to avoid such a loss and related pain.

Interestingly and tragically, most of us don’t feel the loss of time with the same degree of depth.  We lope along through life on our merry way without even thinking about how we might be wasting time.  Need I remind you that the word, waste, could very well be synonymous with irretrievable loss.

It’s an absolute fact.  Time lost is time gone forever.  It is irretrievable!  When you repeatedly lose time you immediately lose potential.  It’s true…time is your greatest asset but only if you invest it wisely.

Never close out one day without planning for the next.  Such planning doesn’t have to be time consuming.  If you got in the habit of taking the last fifteen minutes of your day to plan your actions for the next day, you would be amazed at how much more of your potential you could realize.

Just as important as end of day planning is including in that planning a very specific action you will take in the first hour of your next day.  If you lose that first hour to something non-productive, you have lost that time…permanently…irretrievably.  You might think you will catch-up sometime during the day but it won’t happen.

Remember…it’s irretrievable!

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