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Is It Really Necessary?

b2ap3_thumbnail_00398791Why would you even ask?  Of course it is!

What’s “it?”  “It” is self-discipline.  Now, don’t shut down and click onto the next site!  Stay with me here.  Discipline yourself to read the entire post and possibly learn something from my point.

Look at the world around you and list the top ten people you believe are more successful than you are.  Then, do a Google search for each one of them and read a little about their history.  I absolutely guarantee you the single most important characteristic you find within each of their stories is they all have exercised a significant degree of self-discipline over a period of time.

Don’t like that idea then view the last two years of the TV reality show, The Biggest Loser.  What you will find throughout those individual stories is a difference between their level of self-discipline before and after being on the show.  Self-discipline will be the only thing that changed for every one of those people.  They all still face the same temptations but they deal with them differently.

Self-discipline…is it really necessary?  Absolutely because everything you want out of your life is going to require you to focus and strive for it over a period of time.  If that’s not the case, then whatever you’re striving for is probably not worth it.

Success comes through a series of steps taken through a focused level of self-discipline.  Period!  End of story!  That’s it!  Don’t even ask if it is really necessary!  Just exercise some of it!

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