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Is It Right?

Simple question but I’m stunned by the amount of situations in the world currently that would suggest the question was never asked?  Or, at least, the answer, if no, was ignored and wrong happened.  What a shame when things could be so simple.

Compromise suggests that a middle ground has been reached in some conflict.  There’s nothing wrong with compromise in certain well chosen situations.  Frankly, I wish our politicians could regain a statesman like attitude of compromise.  But, compromise when answering the question of is it right is never right.  Posing that question dictates no gray areas and therefore no compromise.  Simple!

You know the feeling.  You’ve asked yourself the question about some circumstance requiring you to make a right or wrong decision.  It’s that feeling of queasiness…that feeling some would call your conscience saying, NO!  However, you complicate the decision by trying to rationalize all sides of the issue so you can force a wrong decision into being right in your mind.  Wrong…it’s simple!

You can’t negotiate wrong into right.  It’s black and white.  Simple!

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