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Is To

The title of this article relates to the comparison of two or more things.  For example:  Rust is to the natural color of iron what orange is to gray.  Get the idea?

Now, to the relevant point for you.  Passion is to life what love is to human relationships.  Love energizes and drives lasting relationships.  Passion energizes and drives consistent achievement throughout your life.

So, what is the key to living your life with passion?  I believe the “master” key is–in all things do what you truly love.  Yes, sometimes, to put yourself in a position to do what you love to do you have to jump through some painful hoops.  So be it.  Think ahead to the reward not the immediate pain.  Passion for that ultimate reward is what drives you through the pain.

Find both…passion and love…and you have found a life of plenty.

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