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Is Your View Absolutely Limiting You?

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton lived in the same world and at the same time.  But—there the similarities begin to wane.

For example, Jefferson really believed the country should primarily be agrarian and buy manufactured goods from other parts of the world.

By contrast, Hamilton was a big fan of creating a manufacturing society.

They also had major differences of opinion regarding politics.  Jefferson was an anti-federalist and Hamilton had a totally different view as a supporter of the federalist movement.

They had many other differing views even while both serving in the same Cabinet of George Washington.

It is interesting to note how two people living in the same socio-economic strata and in the same world at the same time could possibly have such different views on things.

You can experience similar circumstances in your world, as well.  You and your neighbor next door can have totally different outlooks on life.

Depending on your point of view, you or your neighbor could be experiencing positive power or very negative peril.

One gives you great potential and the other limits your potential.

The following video dives a little deeper into why all of this is important to you.

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garylogonewbrownsmallWhat are you going to do to change your view on the world that will lead to greater success for you?

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