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It “Ain’t” Easy!

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0422224_20130601-193621_1Most of us struggle with at least some things in life.  It could be job issues, personal finances, relationships…it could be anything.  But, one thing that can be a challenge for all of us is having to make a decision about something and, even more importantly, the right decision.    Like I said, it ain’t easy!

Here’s the reality, though.  If you don’t constantly make decisions, you’re lost.  Your life can’t move forward when you’re frozen in time with indecision. It’s like you wandering aimlessly in a maze and can’t find your way out.

A vibrant, productive life is built by finding ways out of situations.  Finding ways out involves making decisions on how to do that.  By definition, the concept of finding ways out means moving from one place to another…again, it requires making decisions about, potentially, a lot of things.

So, let’s make decision-making easy.  Here’s six steps to doing so:


  1. Gather all the facts about whatever is requiring you to make a decision.


  1. Consider all the facts so you wring as much emotion out of making the decision as you can.


  1. Write down what the facts tell you could be potential directions for your ultimate decision.


  1. List the pros and cons of each of your potential directions.


  1. Visually compare the pros and cons for all your potential directions and pick the one with the most pros and least cons.


  1. Make the decision and stick to it until you make it right!

Now, “ain’t” that easy?

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