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It “Ain’t” Promised

Tomorrow…that is!  I find too many people who live their lives like they will never end.  They live with an attitude that tomorrow will be soon enough.  It seems like they don’t want to push for something today because there is always tomorrow .

Well, tomorrow is only good enough, if it comes.  Who gave any of us a guarantee that we will wake up tomorrow just as we’ve done for each of the prior days in our lives?  How can we assume that we will be chosen to have our life continue on to some ripe old age?  I submit that we can’t assume anything about life.

I further submit that it’s up to us to earn the life we dream of by being present in every moment.  We’ve got to get ourselves into the now in case tomorrow never comes!  Enjoy each day for what it is without any conjecture about what tomorrow will be.  Yes, dream and plan for the future but that doesn’t mean you defer everything to that future because it “ain’t” promised.

Act now and tomorrow may have promise.

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