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It Smells

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900425552You probably have not had the privilege that I did as a kid.  I grew up on a wheat and cattle ranch in Montana.  There were lots of advantages to growing up in that environment.  On the other hand there were some disadvantages, as well.

One of those disadvantages was related to the various farm animals we raised.  Cattle were only one variety.  We also raised hundreds of chickens each year;  twenty or so pigs; and then we had a few head of horses to help with managing the cattle herd.  Each variety of animals offered its unique opportunity to learn about life, in general.

But, they all, each in their distinctive way, had a major down-side.  Are you ready for this?  Bet you can guess!  The nostril singeing concentration of manure could be overwhelming…especially in the heat of summer.  Not only that but you couldn’t get away from it as long as you were in “nose shot” of the coop, pen, corral or whatever.  Trust me!  It smells!

However, even that aspect of life on the ranch taught me a life lesson.  It smells more in concentration and much less when spread around.  Also, when spread around it served as excellent fertilizer for other growing things.

The real life lesson for you?  If you leave any aspect of your life in a concentrated pile, it smells.  Think about!  Your clothes, uneaten food, etc., all begin to smell, if not spread around so to speak.  And, so it is with the knowledge and skills you could share with the world around you.  Leave it in a concentrated pile in your brain and sooner or later it will begin to rot and smell, in effect.  It only serves as a fertilizer for the rest of us if you spread it around!

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